With over fifteen years of extensive experience planning events for non-profit, corporate and government clients, Eventive Thinking has the ability to use these experiences for the benefit of its clients. The company specializes in the overall design, strategic planning and management of meetings and events by working with industry partners to provide the best prices and resources to ensure that all goals and objectives are met in order to ensure meetings and events provide a positive return on investment for all clients.


Kristy Archer Geiger, CMM, CMP
Founder & Chief Planning Officer


Years ago I was introduced to (and quickly fell in love with) the vast world of the events industry!  Sadly, prior to that time I did not realize that such an incredible industry existed.  However, I have since been enlighted and have enjoyed countless opportunities over the years planning events for an association, corporation and in higher education.


I have been a member of Meeting Professionals International (MPI) since 2002 and have actively been involved in assorted leadership roles for both headquarters and the Virginia Chapter.  Since 2012 I have also enjoyed being a member of the Senior Planner Information Network (SPIN).


Outside of planning events for others I thoroughly enjoy traveling (leisurely), running, the outdoors and all the relaxation I can find with my friends and family.

All in all I am a 110% Type A overachiever that loves this industry and is eager to get to know you and learn more about you and your organization's event needs.



Meeting Professionals International (MPI), Virginia Chapter 
Planner of the Year 2004 - 2005
Planner of the Year 2008 - 2009
Committee of the Year ~ Education 2006 - 2007
Committee of the Year ~ Communications 2008 - 2009
Chapter Manager of the Year 2008 - 2009

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